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Reservations will require a completed Reservation Form, acceptance of the Reservation Quote and a $250 Reservation Deposit.  The Reservation Deposit is non-refundable due to cancelations.

Call to arrange your desired dates, vehicle of choice, and give us your destination and estimated mileage, so we can put together your vacation in a "Package Deal" specifically for your vacation specifications.  Your quote and reservation form can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you.  You must return the Reservation Form with your Reservation Deposit to complete your reservation.

After the reservation, the Rental Agreement will be mailed to the renter along with paperwork for the renter to review and return.  Material will be provided to the renter including a DVD on the use and operation of the rental vehicle.  It is the renter's responsibility to view the DVD since they will be responsible for the operation and upkeep of the rental vehicle during the rental period.  The renter must sign an affidavit affirming he/she has watched the DVD.

The full cost of the rental (including sales tax), plus the Security Deposit, must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to taking possession of the motorhome.  The Reservation Deposit will be converted to the Security Deposit for the remainder of the trip, for a total Security Deposit of $1,000 for motorhomes, $500 for travel trailers and $250 for popups.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. 

Trips longer than 2 weeks may require a larger Security Deposit and will be reviewed with the renter prior to making the reservation.

Several pictures of the renter and any drivers on the Rental Agreement will be taken with the motorhome prior to taking possession of the motorhome.  This is for insurance reasons and is manditory that the renter and drivers are in the pictures.  A tour of the motorhome will also be performed and the operations of all the systems will be conducted with the renter.  Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours for this tour.

Upon return of the rental vehicle, the vehicle will be inspected with the renter present.  If the rental vehicle is returned in proper condition, the renter shall recieve a refund for the amount of the security deposit within 7 business days.  Any additional charges will be held back from the deposit.  Proper conditions would include a clean rental vehicle with no damage, full gas tank, full LP tank, empty waste water tanks (both black and grey water).  If damage is noted the deposit will be held until reviewed by our insurance carrier.


  • ADDITIONAL CHARGES - If not performed prior to returning rental vehicle

Dump Holding Tanks 

 Cleaning Charges Start at $100 plus a $50 hourly rate.
 Refuel Gas tank $50 plus cost of fuel
 Refill LP tank $50 plus the cost of the LP Gas
 Drop off times are prearanged.  A waiting fee may apply if renter is significantly late dropping off the vehicle

 $30 per hour up to $300 per day

 Long Distance trips will be charged for mileage prior to taking possession of the vehicle.  Mileage is based on renters estimated mileage. Additional miles will vary by vehicle and distance traveled.

Failure to return DVD - $35 Charge


Prior to taking possession of the motorhome all funds must be paid in full and on deposit in Family Fun's account.  There will be no exceptions to this.  Pick ups and drop offs will be similar to the hotel industry.  Drop offs in the morning between 0900 hrs. - 1200 hrs. of the scheduled return date and pick up between 1300 hrs. - 1700 hrs. of the scheduled pick up date.  All rentals from May 21 thru September 5 will be Friday - Friday rentals unless specified in the rental agreement.

If you are running late, please notify us as soon as possible as it will effect another rental and delay someone else's vacation.  A Late Return Fee of $30 per hour up to $300 per day may be charged.

If the renter does not bring the vehicle back clean and in proper condition as per the Rental Agreement the cleaning schedules will be applied and the renter will be responsible for all cleaning fees.  Every renter is entitled to a pristine vehicle upon delivery.  If you bring the vehicle back dirty and not ready for the next renter, you will be charged the maximum amount possible including a Late Return Fee if the vehicle is not available for the next rental.  .

There is a difference between use, misuse and abuse of the vehicle.  Misuse and abuse will not be tolerated and the renter will be held responsible for all damages and the loss of use for the vehicle to be repaired.


 No refunds will be made for early returns, late pickups or unused mileage.


A Reservation Deposit is required to secure your reservation and dates.  The Reservation Deposit is non-refundable due to cancelation and will convert to a portion of the Security Deposit on the day of pick up.


A minimum Security Deposit of $1,000 is required for motorhome rentals, $500 for travel trailers and $250 for popups.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The Reservation Deposit of $250 will be converted to a portion of the Security Deposit on the day of departure.


ALL drivers must be 25 years old or older.  All drivers must be declared on the rental agreement.  All drivers will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.  All drivers need a clean driving record acceptable to our insurance carrier.  Anyone driving our RVs with a suspended license or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will assume full responsibility for any fees/fines they incur including towing, impound, damage caused to the RV or other persons or property.  If the vehicle is impounded for any reason, the driver and renter will be responsible for all expenses to recover the vehicle plus all lost revenue due to the vehicle being not available to our company and customers.  You will also be responsible for all legal fees incurred trying to recover the vehicle and all lost funds from potential rentals.  Any and all legal recourse will be taken to recover losses.

All drivers must provide a valid photo I.D. and be photographed with the motorhome prior to taking possession of the vehicle.


Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours for the drivers to become aquainted with the operation of the vehicle prior to taking possession of the vehicle.


Currently we may be able to offer a substitution in case of an emergency.  It will be the renters decision to accept or decline a substitution. If we upgrade to a newer/larger vehicle, there will be no additional charge.  If we have to downsize to a smaller vehicle, a discount will be applied. We cannot be held liable for issues out of our control with regards to vehicle availability.  We cannot be held liable for mechanical failures that may cause the rental vehicle to not be available for the renter.  We also cannot be held liable for actions of previous renters that may cause a vehicle to not be available for another renter.


The generator is not necessary for normal use.  If you choose to use the generator, you get 2 hours of use per day in our normal "Package Deal".  Above 2 hours use, an extra charge of $4 per additional hour will be charged.  Total hours will be calculated by the installed hour meters.


 Awnings are for the renters convience, however they are not covered by insurance.  We will provide a strap and ancors to secure the awning from a slight wind.  However the renter should put the awning in during windy conditions and when they will be away from the vehicle.  The renter is responsible for all damage to the awning if damaged when in their possession.  By using the awning and removing the zip ties the renter agree's to pay for any damage.  We try to include a 12 x 12 easy-up canapy for all rentals as a substitute for the awning.


All drivers are responsible for following all traffic laws.  The renter is responsible for reporting all parking/traffic violations upon drop off of the vehicle.  The renter is responsible for paying all parking/traffic violations while the vehicle is in their possession.  Non-reporting of Parking/Traffic Violations may result in an administrative charge of up to $100 in addition to the fines and legal fee's incurred. 


No driving in the desert during the hot weather months.  No driving in or entering Mexico.  There is no driving on logging roads or taking the vehicle off-road for any reason.

  •  PETS 

No pets are allowed in the motorhome.

  •  TOWING 

Towing behind the motorhome will be permitted on a limited basis.  Certain conditions and restrictions will apply and approval will depend on a Family Fun representatives and the renters acceptance of those conditions and restrictions.  There will be a towing fee of $10 per day and an additional 10 cents per mile charge.  A TOWING APPLICATION must be completed, signed and all charges paid prior to taking possession of the motorhome.


1. Approved route and towed vehicle description.  2. $1,000 minimum Security Deposit is required.  3.  $10 per day additional charge.  Total rental days, not just driving days.  4.  VACATION SAVER Trip Interuption Plan is deactivated.  5.  Wiring adaptors, ball mounts and hitch adjustments at customers expense.  6.  Customer is responsible for all drive train and electrical wiring damage.  7.  Trailer Gross Weight must not exceed 3,500 pounds.  8.  Tongue Weight must not exceed 350 pounds.  9.  Customer must provide own primary insurance for both vehicles (our rental and the towed vehicle) with maximum deductible on our vehicle of $500.  Family Fun RV Rental of WNY Corp must be shown as the insured on the insurance binder prior to departure.


There will be no smoking in the rental vehicles.  A $500 cleaning charge will be applied if this policy is violated.


Self explanatory.  A new roof is in excess of $7,000 and not covered by insurance.  This will be directly handled by our Lawyer and the renter will be 100% responsible for the entire cost.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


The renter is responsible for checking engine oils, fluids and coolant levels when refueling.  Top off if required.  Any mechanical failures must be reported immediately.  Renters may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.  Even with preventative maintenance and an aggressive maintenance schedule, it is inevitable that a breakdown will occur.  Radio, air conditioning, refridgerator, microwave and appliances, cruise control and generator malfunctions are not considered critical components of your vehicle and they may have to be fixed upon returning the vehicle at the end of the rental.

If a breakdown occurs and a repair is required, any repair under $100 may be done.  Any repair over $100 must have prior authorization from a manager/owner.  Please save and submit all receipts and old parts for reimbursement.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE MADE WITHOUT A RECEIPT AND THE OLD PART.


Accidents are invitable, but it is the responsibility of the driver to eliminate the risks that can cause an accident.  It is also the driver's responsibility to minimize the severity of an accident.  Remain calm for your's and your family's sake.  You and your family's safety is our main concern.  Call 911 if help is required.  You must notify the police ASAP to fill out an accident report (we will need a copy of this) and you must notify Family Fun ASAP.  A packet of paperwork will have to be completed by the driver.  Take as many pictures as possible.  In case the vehicle is disabled and its unsafe, please exit the vehicle and go to a safe place.  You and your family's safety are of utmost importance.


A 24 hour roadside assistance plan will be provided for all vehicles.  Renter will be provided with information on how/when to use this prior to taking possession of the vehicle.


 Family Fun RV Rental of WNY Corp has done many things to reassure you of a trouble free vacation.  In the unlikely event of mechanical difficulties with your vehicle, we have designed our VacationSaver Policy to help you back on the road as quickly as possible.  This policy explains YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES and OUR OBLIGATIONS under this policy.  The Adjustment Request Form must be completed within 7 days of return date.

What is fully covered

The following items are FULLY covered:  1. All components necessary for proper engine operation.  2. Drive Train.  3. Brakes

VacationSaver allowances for fully covered items.  Should your vehicle need repairs requiring over 24 hours for any of the items mentioned in "What is fully covered",an allowance of $25 per night per adult (18 years and older) for food and lodging and $25 per night for car rental will be paid.  This allowance, and any combination of full or partial allowances,is limited to $1,200 per vacation, the adult capacity of the vehicle (as specified on the Rental Agreement), and will never be more then the time and mileage charges of the original agreement.

What is partially covered.

The following items are partially covered:  1. Automotive air conditioning.  2. Forced air furnace.  3. Microwave oven.  4. Generator.  5. Refriderator.  6. House water pump.  7. Auxilary batteries (defects only).  8. 110 volt air conditioning  9. Water heater.  10. Toilet and shower.

VacationSaver allowances for partially covered items.  Should any of the items listed in "What is partially covered" fail to operate; an allowance of $10 per night per item, up to a maximum of $370 per item will be paid.  This allowance is limited to a maximum of $300 per vehicle.  All other items are not covered.  These include interior lights, televisions, VCR's, DVD players, radios and stereos, awnings and exterior showers.


Insurance is provided by MBA Insurance, they speciallize in recreational vehicle rental insurance.  All vehicles will have full coverage for damage and theft with a deductable.  Drivers will only be covered under NYS minimums and our insurance can provide all renters with Supplemental Liability Insurance.  This is the renter's responsibility to obtain this additional insurance.

  •  RVSLI (RV Supplimental Liability Insurance) 

Protect Yourself - Protect Your Family

RVSLI is additional automobile liability insurance that protects you and any authorized driver, as defined in the rental agreement, against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage caused during permitted use of the rental vehicle.  For as little as $11.95 per day you can have the peace of mind knowing you are protected against loss of bodily injury to other people and property damage to their property.

Purchase directly on-line at, you will need our policy number from the rental agreement to complete this transaction.  This is the renter's responsibility to obtain this additional insurance.


Rental prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Rentals are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

Family Fun RV Rental of WNY Corp reserves the right to refuse any applicant for any reason


 Acceptable forms of payment are VISA/MasterCard, money order, cash, certified bank check or personal check.  However, personal checks can only be accepted if recieved at least 2 weeks prior to pick up and the money has been posted in our account.  There will be a $25 fee for returned checks.  New York State Sales Tax will also be collected on all rentals.  The current rate in Erie County is 8.75%.



 Vehicle Maintenance Schedule


Each vehicle will have a roadside assistance policy in place for all rentals  Coverage will be throughout the continental United States and Canada

Synthetic oils will be used to minimize wear on all engine parts

Oil will be changed every 6,000 miles

Tires will be rotated every 6,000 miles

Manufacturers recommended maintenance schedules will be followed

Any renter may request to see the maintenance log for their rental vehicle  Please ask prior to pick-up,  as it may be off-site